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2014 Finnish Arts Council 5 year grant

2010 Finnish Arts Council 1&1/2 year grant 

2009 Elvis ry grant for composing                                                                                

2008-2009 Finnish Cultural Foundation 1&1/2 year grant 

2002-2003 Finnish Arts Council two years working grant.

2000 LUSES; Library Grant for HumppAvanti

1998 Finnish Cultural Foundation

1997 Finnish Arts Council 

1995 Foundation of The Society of Finnish Composers

1995 Finnish Cultural Foundation

1995 Sibelius Academy

1992 Finnish Arts Council

1988 &1990 Georg Malmstén Foundation




2017 YAM Award for Best Opera

2016 Grand Scores Award for best electroacoustic score in Europe 

2014 Nomination for best score music. Jussi Award

2013 British Documentary Award "Grierson Award" for best international Documentary Film 

2013 Koura, main prize & honorable prize

2013 Honorary mention for best score music in Nordic Glory festivals 2013

2012 Sheffield Documentary FilmFestivals 1st Prize

2012 Nomination for best theatre music&soundwork 2012. Säde Award.

2012 Nomination for Nordic Film Composer Prize for "Hiljaisuus" scoremusic

2011 JUSSI-awards for best scoremusics

2011 Nomination for Deutsche FilmPreis for best scoremusic Fenster zum Sommer

2011 Koura, honorable prize

2008 Nomination for best score music.Jussi Award

2007 Nomination for best score music.Jussi Award

2007 Honorable mention by the jury 25th FIFA Montreal 2007

2006 Juryprize&audience prize in 9th EthnoFilmfest Berlin 2006

2005 Koura, Honorable mention

2004 Prix Marulic; Prix Europa

2004 Nomination for best score music.Jussi Award

2001 JUSSI-award for best scoremusic

2000 Venla; Telvis; Tampere Film Festivals 1st prize

2000 Laon film festivals France 1st prize

1998 Prix Italia, Honorable mention



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